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What People Are Saying

School Violence is essential reading for every parent and educator.  The distilled essence of decades of cutting-edge research, with direct application to the health and well-being of children is contained in this book, and we must read and heed these words.

  • Lt. Colonel Dave Grossman
    Author of Killology

School Violence - Crisis and Opportunity offers a fresh perspective and valid solutions to this tremendous problem.

  • Raymond I. Orr, Ph. D.
    The University of Melbourne, Australia

Every educator who cares about the optimal development and learning of children should read School Violence - Crisis and Opportunity. High on the list of neglected factors in children's lives is media violence. This book will help educators and parents understand the problem, counteract the harm, and promote the positive.

  • Diane Levin, Ph.D.
    Author of Building Peaceable Classrooms